Eucharistic Conference

Program/Aim includes:

Talks by national and international speakers to deepen the understanding and intimacy of the true presence of Jesus in Eucharist
Witnesses of life-changing experiences
Prayer for conversion of the country from the culture of death, of atheism, of the misuse of the gift of sex, … .
Preparing for perpetual adoration for mercy on us and on the whole world.

2017 Date and host:

Saturday June 17 (weekend of Corpus Christi) from 9am to 4:30pm

2017 conference at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Plano
Tel: 972-516-8500
Rotate to other parishes in future.


Although there are beautiful Eucharistic conferences in different parts of the world, the great majority of local people never travel to participate in any of these conferences. The expectation is to deepen the intimacy with Jesus in adoration, to increase the commitment of adoration at least for that neighborhood, to enable the parishes in that neighborhood to increase the available hours of adoration or to start perpetual adoration within one’s parish or jointly with neighboring small parishes.


Main celebrant and homily by Most Reverend Gregory Kelly, Auxiliary Bishop in Catholic Diocese of Dallas

Speakers and witnesses:

Dr. J. Marianne Siegmund
Title: The Real Presence of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament

Doctor in Theology, Univ of St. Thomas Aquinas in Urbe, Rome, Italy
Dr. Siegmund has a deep love for our Eucharistic Lord, and has been making a daily holy hour ever since she obtained her driver's license as a teenager. She is presently a member of online faculty of Theology at Holy Apostles College and Seminary, a member of the faculty of Philosophy at Richland College. She has delivered intellectual formation courses to candidates for the diaconate, has presented papers at conferences across the nation and has published articles in Philosophy and Theology.

Margie Giangiulio
Title: The fruits of Eucharistic adoration
She started the first perpetual Eucharistic adoration in her parish 20 years ago, and has since helped at least 8 other parishes in the Dallas Diocese to start adoration.

Witness on Eucharistic adoration from BirthChoice (Liz Solis)

Witness on Eucharist from Knights of Columbus (contacted by Kelvin McGillis)

Dr. H. Anthony Chan
Title: Accompanying Jesus in Eucharist even in a busy life
Witness of life-changing experiences through Eucharistic adoration has been given in 47 cities internationally.
Witness presentation at St. Thomas Acquinas Church, Kuala Lumpur in 2016.

Tentative Schedule (subject to changes):

Time Church Lobby
8:00am Registration open
8:30am Slide show of saints' Eucharist quotes Registration
9:00am Welcome from pastor
9:05am Eucharist miracles
9:15am 1st talk: The Real Presence
10:00am Witnesses of Eucharist experiences
10:15am 2nd talk: Fruits of Eucharistic adoration
10:45am Break while showing saints' Eucharist quotes Coffee, snack
10:55am Eucharist Hymn by Sacred Heart of Jesus Choir clean up snack
11:00am Witnesses of Eucharist experiences
11:15am 3rd talk: Accompanying Jesus even in busy life
12:00pm Lunch break while showing saints' Eucharist quotes Simple lunch
12:40pm Eucharist Hymn by Sacred Heart of Jesus Choir clean up lunch
12:45pm 4th talk: Fatima and the Eucharist
1:30pm Break while showing saints' Eucharist quotes Coffee, snack
1:40pm Eucharist Hymn by Sacred Heart of Jesus Choir clean up snack
1:45pm Library of Eucharist meditations
2:00pm Witnesses of Eucharist experiences
2:15am Liturgy presided by Bishop Kelly
3:00pm Exposition of Eucharist till 4pm
3:00pm Adoration with Divine Mercy chaplet
3:15pm Adoration with meditations
3:25pm Sharing on Eucharist experience
3:40pm Adoration with meditations from Biblical verses
4:00pm Benediction
4:10pm Short witnesses from audience (1 min each)
4:20pm Potential host/volunteers of Eucharist conference 2018
4:25pm Closing, Thank guest from pastor


Owing to space limitation, registrations are accepted on a first come first serve basis

To register:
1. Submit online registration (and make sure you receive email confirmation).
2. Fill in registration form electronically and send by email to
3. Fill in registration form and mail back to above address.

Registration information:
your name,
your email address,
your mobile number for text message or WhatsApp ID,
whether you are taking lunch (free-will donation welcome) and any dietary restrictions,
whether you are willing to help,
whether you want to give a 1-minute short witness of your Eucharist experience,
any comments or suggestions

Registration is free of charge so that everyone can participate. However, voluntary donation at door are welcome. Donation is also sent to help to build a perpertual adoration chapel in Zambia in Africa.

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