Accompanying Jesus: Come Lord, the World is Ill

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Anthony Chan

Having spent the majority of my career in science and technology, I am most thankful to God, who has entrusted us with talents to participate in God's work to continue to buildup the world and the society. The work of God in creating the world is continuing through our participation. Today, God has gifted human beings with advanced technology and civilization. This generation has far more material wealth than all our ancestors throughout the history. Yet people think they do not need God.

In our society that does not want God, we see that at home, nearly 50% marriages end in separation in advanced countries. In the work environment, the relationship between employer and employee is primarily not built on trust but based on worldly benefits. As more jobs have greatly improved in efficiency, more people are working longer hours.

Even in the Church, 80-90% Catholics in advanced countries do not practice.

The atomic bomb in 1945 in Hiroshima caused over 100 thousand deaths and many injured with lifelong suffering. The damage that kills innocent people so discriminately has awaken the people's conscience to realize how much evil can be caused when misusing the gift of science and technology from God.

What would we react if an enemy is dropping one such atomic bomb on us each day? Would the government and the whole world be in the state of utmost emergency? Yet, we are killing that many lives each day owing to the ignorance of abortion, and the world simply continue with life as usual.

In all the countries in southern Africa, an estimated 1/3 of the population have HIV, and it is already quickly spreading in China and India. HIV was originally transmitted through sex among gay, but have later transmitted to women, and to their children through pregnancy - many of these women and small children are innocent. In addition to the innocent mothers, there are many innocent children who have lost their parents through HIV and are born with the infection. The primary response from United Nation is however to distribute condoms to children in all schools!

Besides the physical deaths caused by people's ignorance and being stubborn to reject God, many more souls perishes every day, although many are unaware of the danger when evil is disguised in lies.

Our children are growing up in a world that has no room for Jesus. They promote the idolatry of life for worldly pleasure and have lost the sense of sin. Most people found it difficult to raise children, and it may continue to worsen one generation after another.

Many times in history when church is being tested, Eucharist came to rescue and strengthen the faithful.

In this gravely sinful world, so capable of destroying itself with its soul, the grace of Jesus in the Eucharist continues to flow.

St. Faustina saw that, "each time a person entered the chapel and visited Jesus exposed in a monstrance, His Divine Rays of Love and Mercy burst forth and encircle the whole world and everyone in it with graces and blessings!" Through Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Jesus unleashes His rays of healing upon us, our families and the whole world!

"Has there ever been a time in human history when we have needed God's Divine Mercy, love and guidance more?" Blessed Pope John Paul II confirmed that, "Anyone who prays to our Savior (in the Blessed Sacrament) draws the whole world with him and raises it to God . . . . Through adoration, the Christian mysteriously contributes to the radical transformation of the world"

Let each of us come to Jesus in the Eucharist to heal the world.