Accompanying Jesus: Mother, may I borrow your Immaculate Heart?

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Sharing by Anthony Chan

My dear Jesus, how fortunate I am to be able to accompany you. As I come forth to accompany Jesus truly present in the Eucharist, please let am also stand by the cross of Jesus. Now, standing by the cross of Jesus are his mother (John 19:25) and me. I do know what to say to my dear Jesus, who died for me while I am still sinner (Roman 5:8). Oh my soul, why then am I still unable to avoid sin? As long as a contrite heart is what will comfort Jesus, let me make time to regularly receive your love through the sacrament of confession. Just please don¡¯t let my weaknesses stand in the way between Jesus and me.

Mother, I do not know how to love Jesus, but your love gives Jesus the best comfort. Please let me stand with you by the cross. Your heart bears so much pain as you stand here. Mother may I borrow your heart, which is pierced by a sword. Help me understand the passion of Jesus with a sorrowful heart!

My dear Jesus, see how You are bruised, derided, and insulted. The Eucharist, the Body of Christ, is the scouged Holy Body that Pilate showed to people who responded ¡°crucify him!¡± Too many people today want to get rid of Jesus in their life; the world today continues to put Jesus to death.

My dear Lord and my God, your infinte glory is beyond human imagination. My naked eyes are unable to look directly at your shining sun. Yet you have hidden your glory in the Eucharist so that I can look at you. I can never glorify you enough in my life. As the world is insulting you at this moment, please accept whatever I can possibly offer from my small heart. Your Sacred Heart have taken too many insults. How can I possibly give to You enough comfort with my little heart? Dear Blessed Mother, please let me borrow your heart which praises the Lord with Magnificat, so that I may give to Jesus more praises that I possibly can by myself.

Dear Jesus, immersing in your love is what my soul yearns for. Whatever is happening now in this world does not matter. Whether the Earth turns or not also does not matter. Let nothing from this world bother me. Let no worldly thoughts enter my heart. Only Jesus alone do I see and listen to, in the Eucharist. There are no other desires, no other thoughts, no other sound. At this moment, there is only Jesus and me.

My dear Jesus truly present in the Eucharist, your love is far beyond human capacity. You have humbled yourself in the Eucharist so that I may experience so much of your love with faith. You have come to your own people who do not know you; the world does not have room for you. You are bringing to us the most precious gifts but the hearts of so many people have closed their doors on you. People of this world are too busy with plenty of other priorities. How humiliated that you continue to wait outside the closed doors of ungrateful hearts. I can never thank you enough in all of my life, but at this moment, please allow me to pour out whatever love I have from my little heart.

Dear Jesus and my all, as You are burning with the fire of love, how can I possibly offer enough love to quench Your thirst? How can I possibly give you enough love with my little heart?

Dear Blessed Mother, help me love Jesus with all my heart, all my soul, all my desire, and all my strength. Oh dear Mother, please do not look at my unworthliness. Look instead at dear Jesus the sacrifice of love, so much humiliated and insulted. Please let me borrow your heart of love which stands by the cross of Jesus to share his passion, so that I may follow you to give to Jesus more love, more comfort, and more thank that I am so much in debt of!

Dear friends in prayer, please come to beg with me to borrow the Immaculate Heart to accompany Jesus.