Accompanying Jesus: Even for Busy People

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Sharing by Anthony Chan

Dear friends in prayer,

The gift to accompany Jesus is not just for the very pious people but is now for every Catholic. I am sharing with you that even I, with all my weaknesses, am able to receive this gift. Therefore everyone can, and you should be assured that you will be able to receive this gift too.

I could never spent an hour in silent prayer before the Eucharist myself and had not even dreamed of such possibility until I read the following witness written in 1995: .

The witness was about an 11-year old Chinese girl whose martyrdom for adoring Jesus had influenced Bishop Sheen to spend an hour every day out of his very busy life to adore Jesus.

Bishop Sheen became a very powerful preacher. He preaches over the radio in the mid 20th century. His listeners would cry, cold hearts would be kindled with fired, and sinners would repent.

After hearing the inspiration to such a saintly bishop, pardon me now to share the struggle in my weaknesses.

Since then, I would spend time with Jesus each time I give a witness. In addition, I know I need to make a commitment, but my life is so busy. With a family and a stressful job in a volatile job market, I could not even find time for house maintenance work and often do not have enough rest. Yet I did not want to spend my life just like that when I realize how abundant I have received from Jesus. So I decided to make a very low commitment to accompany Jesus only one hour per month. I am as weak as anyone else. I did not want make a commitment that I am too weak to keep. So I start with such a low commitment so that I have no excuse of not keeping it no matter how busy my life is. Any busy person can easily spend an hour on things not essential to our physical and spiritual health. I only managed to increase the commitment a little bit afterwards, but only after a very long time that I had been drawn into the love of my dear Jesus. Spending only an hour per month in something more important is indeed a doable start. Yet it has to be a commitment and a very important appointment with my dearest Jesus, rain or shine, with or without other appointment, and whether I am in town or traveling out of town. If other people invite me for something else, I need to try to change the appointment. In the event that I cannot change another appointment, I would make up at another hour on the weekend within a week.

The hour has to spend with the heart, the entire heart, with as much heart as a human being has received from God and can put forth before Him. As time went on, this appointment with Jesus is just so sweet. It initially requires determination and commitment which initially appears a sacrifice to me. Yet it is really a very insignificant sacrifice when I realize how much my dear Jesus has done for me. I then realize how much more sacrifice for my dear Jesus to wait for me to receive his abundant love. I never enjoy the long wait to meet a very busy person no matter how important he/she is. Yet I have made Jesus wait and wait in order for Him to bring the best gifts to me!

My dear Jesus knows how much I am in need of love. He suffers so much to see me toil in my busy life. He desires so much to give me true light, love and strength that I am in desperate need. Yet my almighty King cannot until I turn to Him. He desires so much to give himself to me, but He had to keep waiting and waiting and had to suffer so much each time I turn away and fall into prey of my weakness.

Because of numerous weaknesses, it does take time to learn how to accompany Jesus. For most friends that I know, it is indeed very difficult to accompany Jesus when we apparently cannot see or feel anything. Meanwhile, it is necessary to really keep the appointment even when we sometimes do not know what to do in that long hour. I also suggest that we support each other with prayers and to share with each other the struggles that we are going through.

In my struggle in front of a blank Eucharist with all glory hidden, I sometimes try to meditate accompanying my dear Jesus as he humble himself to share our humanity that he himself is sometimes in need our companion. It is so intimate to accompany Jesus for an hour to pray at the garden of Gethsemane. It is so touching to sit at the dining table with Jesus as he breaks the bread to give Himself to us. There, with St. John, lean your head again his chest and feel his sacred Heart opened for us. It is most privileged to stand for an hour with Our Mother next to the cross while he is crucified.

Let us accompany Jesus now when He is being despised, bruised, and insulted by the world.

We encourage everyone to sign up for only once a month to accompany Jesus.